How to Hire the Right Moving Service for You

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Moving your home or office without a moving service can be a complicated ordeal. From coordinating move dates to understanding the financial and legal paperwork associated with your move, there are many details to handle, even for a simple move across town. When it comes to packing and shipping your items from one location to another, you may feel that the work is simply too much.

And unless you’ve got a large truck and plenty of hands to help, it probably is. The nice thing? You don’t have to handle the details of packing and moving on your own. A moving service provides the coordination, manpower and desperately needed helping hands to make your move a reality - whether it’s across town or across the country.

Hiring the Right Moving Service for You

There are plenty of moving services out there. Finding the right one for your home or office move may seem like another complicated detail, but when you follow some simple steps for choosing the right moving service, you’ll be checking this item off your to-do list in no time.

Get Recommendations

To avoid ending up with a mover you find difficult to work with, or worse, one that’s scamming you, look for recommendations to find a moving company you’ll love. You can find recommendations from trusted local friends and family members who’ve recently moved, or you can look online for recommendations tailored to your move type.

Ask for Estimates

Once you’ve narrowed your options to a few recommended companies, call each one and ask for estimates. You should include information about your move type and how much you anticipate you’ll be moving. If you’re doing an office move, make sure that the companies you interview are rated for commercial moves of your type.

Choose a Moving Company

Once you have estimates and a feel for the company that’s going to do the best for your move, it’s time to pick one of the offers. Make sure you choose a company that’s got good reviews and is prepared to do your move - you wouldn’t want to find one that claims they can handle your large move but only has a few members on staff.

For more information on finding moving services near you, use our handy locator to get started with your moving service search.

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