What to Expect When Hiring Professional Movers

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If this is your first time moving or if this is your first time hiring movers, there are some things that you should expect when that day comes. There are also some things that you should do to ensure that your move goes as smoothly and is as organized as possible. Let's break down what to expect when working with professional movers.

Self-Service VS Full-Service

First off, there are two different kinds of moving services that professional movers offer; either self service or full service. A full service mover will take your packed up things out of your house put them in the truck, drive them to your new residence and unpack the truck and place your things back down into your new home. Self service movers will have you put your own things in the truck and they will simply drive your items to your new home. Here, you will unload the truck yourself of all your possessions.


You will want to provide space so that the truck has the closest and easiest access to your house. This will make it much less difficult to move your things into the truck and you won't have to walk and carry your stuff a long distance. If you don't provide a place for movers to park, some professional movers will charge you a long carry out fee if you don't provide a place for them to park. This is because of the extra effort of having to carry your items a longer distance. Remember: movers are supposed to save you time and energy.

The Assessment

Movers will take an assessment of all of your possessions. They will do a walk through of your house to take note of all the things you're moving, including furniture, delicate items and packed up boxes. This will also give them a better idea of how they should pack up your items. They'll be able to determine what should be put in first, separately and on top of each other.

The Inventory

Movers might also provide an inventory sheet to make sure that none of your items go missing or get severely damaged. You can specify how you want your items moved and where you want them to be placed if they are delicate and precious. This is a great way to keep track of everything that belongs to you in the process.

Hire a Professional Mover

Professional movers will set up ramps for your home, in case you have a porch or a few steps leading up to the back door. Movers will take note of these little aspects of your old home and your new home to make the moving experience as painless and less time consuming as possible. They also take note of these precautions to prevent any accidents from happening.

Movers are professionals and they come with tools designed for moving, so padding, straps, dollies and any other tools that they need, they are going to bring for your convenience. Sometimes self service movers don't provide these items, but usually moving companies will have the things that you need so that your move is a lot easier, faster and peaceful.

The movers will review any documents or agreements that they made with you in terms of your individual move. They will take into account moving dates, costs and services rendered. Make sure that you also review the documents so that when moving forward you are all on the same page

Full service movers will dismantle large furniture and wrap delicate items to keep them safe as you start moving your furniture. Efficient moving company will make sure that you check off your items as they are being loaded and unloaded onto the truck and into your new home. It would be wise for you to label your boxes and storage containers so that it is easy for you to keep track of all the things that belong to you.

If you have any concerns. With the way the movers are packing your items, storing your items, or placing your items, don't be afraid to let them know! This is your stuff and you want to keep them safe and free from damage. At the end of the day, the movers will remove all the tools that they lent you. If they are full service they will help you unload all of your things into your house, and then they will be on their way. The last thing that they will do is have you sign to make sure that everything is in order and accounted for.

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