Can My Possessions Be Stored While Moving? Storage Options

storage options

Storage Options. Of all the major life events we experience, moving is arguably one filled with the most hassles. Once you have found a home you can afford, you have to organize and box your possessions, deciding what you will keep, what you will donate, and what you will need to buy new for your home.

If this wasn’t enough, should there be a gap between when you can move out of your old home and into your new one, if you are waiting on construction to finish or if you do not want to move all your items at once, where are you supposed to store your items until you put them in your new home?

In short, there’s a comforting answer: there are plenty of places where you may choose to store your belongings. However, your options will vary depending on where you live and what kind of possessions you have.
For many, the first option to consider is whether you have trusted friends or relatives who live in the area. If so, you may speak with them to decide whether or not you could store items in their home or storage area until you leave. If they agree, you can determine how much space they have for the items you need to store. If all works out, you’re set until the big move!

Consider Shipping

Depending on how far away you are moving and how much time you need, you may consider shipping items to your home to buy yourself some time. Depending on the size of your items and how much time you need, this option could be a bit riskier considering items could be lost or stolen and hard to plan out, though it’s still an option to consider. To ensure that important items do not sit unattended at your home before you get there, you can arrange for a required signature to receive the item, and then retrieve the package(s) from the post office before the specified date.

If you don’t have nearby contacts, and shipping isn’t going to work, your best option will likely be to temporarily rent a storage facility. Depending on where you live, this should not be a huge problem, for storage units are some of the most plentiful units in the United States. Rental rates and the duration of your lease will vary from facility to facility, and size will also be another factor when determining price.

You will need to research your area’s storage facilities, how much they cost and how safe your valuables will be with them but ultimately, it is in most cases the most reliable, secure way to store your goods until you are ready to move them into your home.

We hope our advice helps, and we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming move! Connect with to better 

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