Advantages of Hiring Local Movers

hiring local movers

So, you are coming up on move day and you have to decide if you are going to do it yourself or hire a mover. Going the do it yourself path may seem like a good idea at first when you think about the money you will save. But once you begin to weigh the options of hiring local movers over the money you think you will be saving you begin to see the advantages of hiring a local mover.

When you begin to factor in the time and gasoline money as well the truck rental. Don’t forget the bbq, pizza, and drinks you are going to have to bribe your friends and family with to help you move. You start to see that it’s a lot of work and not as cheap as you thought it was going to be. So, let’s let us take a moment and go over some of the advantages of hiring a local mover.

Movers are Licensed and Insured

A huge risk you take when you take the do it yourself route of moving is damaged property. Accidents happen that is just the reality of moving delicate things. When you use an insured moving service these things are covered. When you move it yourself it’s one more hit to your wallet that you are going to have to cover yourself. If you are planning your move take a look around your house and ask yourself can you afford to take the risk of high dollar items breaking in the move and being uninsured. Movers have the training and experience to get your home packed and moved in short order and everything you own will be safe and insured every step of the way. This alone can take a huge load of stress of your mind.


On moving day one of the last things you want deal with is waiting on friends or relatives to show up on time help with the move. When you hire movers they will be on time and prepared to work. This is even more important if are on a tight schedule for your move. Shortening the list of things that you will have to worry about come moving day.

One Trip

Lets face it when you move yourself it will take you several trips. Even if you get a big rental truck to drive most of your furniture you likely will need to make several trips. This is often the case because you and your friends are not professional movers and packers. So, you end up spending a large part of your day traveling back and forth on several trips.

On the other hand when you hire professional movers they will arrive before hand and give you an estimate for the cost to move your home. This is not just for you as a customer it’s so the movers know the right size moving truck and moving team to get everything you own packed in one trip in a timely fashion.

No Heavy Lifting

There is no other way to put say it than a piece of furniture is often heavy, cumbersome, and can be difficult for anyone to move. When moving day comes the reality is you have a house full of possessions that are going to be heavy and awkward and most of all time consuming to get into the moving truck.

Professionals on the other hand have plenty of experience on moving tables, couches, beds, dressers, pianos, and more. Having training and knowledge on how to lift move and pack these products will also mean they will be able to do their job faster then you will. Saving you time energy and sore or pulled muscles.


Once you are able to look at movers through the lens of convenience and not cost you begin to see them in a different light. Local moving companies bring with them license and insurance as well as a crew of experienced hard working professionals. Additionally, they will have the right sized truck to move everything all at once and have all the tools needed to speed the job up. Your entire move will get done in one trip and you will not have to lift even one box. They will arrive on time and they will not leave until the job is done.

When you add the costs of truck rental, gasoline money for you and your friends as well as move time that it takes to move yourself. You are working a whole lot more and not saving that much money over hiring a local move company. Factor in one uninsured broken item and you will likely not saved or maybe even lost money. Come moving day wouldn't you prefer to relax and let professionals do all the work while you decide where you want to put everything in your new home.

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