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About US

Here at ChangeNewAddress.com, we offer superior real estate and moving services that allow you to make your next move or relocation a fast and stress free experience. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with numerous moving service providers, we have developed resources and tools that allow you to quickly and easily overcome any relocation obstacle and resolve every potential issue during your next move to a new home. One thing our clients have learned about us is that by using our network of preferred providers, they are able to access the information and services they need to make any move to anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are moving across town or across an ocean, ChangeNewAddress.com has you covered. Learn more about us. 

How We Work

Thanks to all the people and families we have assisted in successfully relocating to a new home over the years, we have built a close-knit network of service providers that we know uphold the highest standards of quality and service. Every moving company, storage facility, and truck rental service we work with has been vetted thoroughly, and all service providers must be fully licensed and insured. Reputation truly is everything in the business world, and we only connect you with providers who have maintained a sterling reputation with both customers and businesses.

What to Expect

When you visit our site, you will find an user friendly system that is obligation free no matter which of our services you wish to use. We provide an exclusive advantage thanks to our unique comparison shopping system that allows you to pull free quotes from our network of moving service providers. Finding the moving company that is right for your needs and budget has never been easier or more efficient. Instead of looking up each service individually, calling to get quotes, and making sure you write everything down. All you need to do us run a search for moving services, storage facilities, and truck rentals in your area, and our service does the rest. After your search, you just need to pick the quotes for the services that offer the best fit for your needs, and you are all done.

What We Offer

In addition to connecting you with moving service providers to help you make your relocation easier, we also provide numerous informational guides with helpful tips for saving money while relocating with confidence no matter where in the world life takes you.

Helpful Information

Have you already started your relocation research? Is developing a moving budget making you want to tear your hair out? Let us help you get ready to move instead. We can even make sure you get the services you need at the price you can afford when you are pressed for time and need to plan and execute your move on short notice. ChangeNewAddress.com exists so you always have the resources you need at your disposal to manage every stage of your move from the initial packing up phase to final unloading. There is no need to stress about relocation anymore. Let ChangeNewAddress.com take care of all your heavy lifting for you.